‘ Recipe for Home’

Mother’s dumpling cooked in an iron saucepan

Gammon hock

Peanut butter balls

Carob powder and honey

Mother’s beef pudding

Grease proof paper and cloth over it

Cooks for hours –

remember to top the water up

Mum and Dad, Yorkshire pudding –

One big one, they always had the corners

I had the middle

Roast beef, father worked at Smithfields

Horse radish, roast potatoes,

homemade Yorkshire pudding

Grandma’s steak and kidney pudding

Fresh veg out the garden – parsnip, swede

Individual Imparda Goyara – that’s just a chicken and pork pie!

Puff pastry, olive, cheese, egg, heart of a palm tree

Afraid egg sandwich

A frayed egg sandwich

A Friday egg sandwich.


Poem written by the Around the Table group, Lowestoft with local poet Dean Parkin


poem written on coloured paper



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