The Early Start by David Feek

Creative writing by David Feek,


As I walk out in the morning dawn

A soft wind blows through the wafting corn,

The grass is wet in the morning dew

The wood pigeon lets out it’s quiet coo.


Flying overhead four honking geese

And then there is a moment’s peace.

The flies wake up in the warming sun

And rise into the sky, one by one.


The kestrel hovers across the way

And then drops on unsuspecting prey.

The crows are always in a flap,

But I can hear the woodpecker’s tap, tap, tap.


The tree creeper scales the old beech tree

He doesn’t seem to notice me.

It’s all so peaceful way out here

As I catch a glimpse of some feeding deer.


The hare sits up as I get near

But doesn’t seem to show much fear.

I walk back the way I came,

Two days out here are never the same.


There is always something out here to see

The countryside is where I like to be,

There are miles out here where I can roam

But unfortunately it’s time to head home.


This wonderful poem was written by David Feek who attends the Around the Table sessions.



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