Making vegetable dyes – Kasia Posen

On the 25th February we made delicious salad dressings with the guidance of chef Sam Hanison. We took time over tasting the base oils, such as olive oil, walnut oil, sesame oil and hazelnut oil. It was great to taste the oils individually and really appreciate their flavours. To remember our recipes we made recipe cards and drew images with pen and ink. We then experimented using the natural pigments found in vegetables to colour our drawings.
We used raw beetroot to make a gorgeous red and turmeric to make a golden yellow. You can use fruit and vegetables as a natural food colouring to colour dough, icing, frosting, pancakes.

To make red, use raspberries, pure pomegranate juice or beetroot.

To make yellow, use raw carrots, turmeric or mangoes. To make blue, use red cabbage.

Here is a link on how to make fabric dyes from food: Food dyes

Have a go! Have fun.


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